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Upgrading Your Garage Door: Would An Alternative Design Meet Your Needs Better Than Traditional Models?

Traditional garage doors may be the standard, but other types of doors may better suit your needs as a homeowner. Whether you want to save space or go for a more stylish look, upgrading your old door to a different model may be just what your garage needs. Here are a few options to consider if your old door is getting boring or inconvenient.

Sectionals Help Save Space

Made of several metal or fiberglass panels connected with hinges, sectional garage doors are made to roll up smoothly into the ceiling whenever they are opened. This makes them extremely handy for saving space in small garages and homes with no driveway, since sectional doors don't require any clearance at all in or out of the garage. In terms of cost, some metal sectionals can be more affordable than traditional garage doors, while other materials may cost slightly more.

Unlike traditional doors, you may need to maintain a sectional door frequently, since each space between sections needs to be well-insulated. Hinges may also need regular lubrication to keep the door operating quietly.

Canopy Doors Add Comfort Outside

If you live in a climate with good outdoor weather, canopy doors might provide a nice way to enjoy sitting in your garage. These doors can be raised halfway into the ceiling to create an overhang. This makes a perfect shady spot on sunny days and keeps your seat dry if you choose to go out and watch the rain on a stormy day. 

While they still save more space than a standard garage door, canopies do still require a few feet of clearance to open and close. Pricing for canopy doors is similar to that of traditional models.

​Middle Parting Has Elegant Charm

Like a pair of ballroom doors, middle parting garage doors split apart at the center and recede into the walls of the garage. You can also find models which open inward, if you have little driveway space, and those which don't recede into the room, if you need to save room inside. Like traditional home doors, parting garage doors can be reinforced to serve as tough storm protection. They can also be insulated more thoroughly than standard garage doors.

The downside for parting doors is that their elegant appearance come with a higher price. You'll likely pay more to have these installed than you would for a standard solid door.

Alternative garage door models can be more convenient and more attractive than traditional ones, so they might be just what you need if you want to improve your garage. If you aren't sure which option is best for your home, talk to your local garage door serviceman, like those at Kelly's Garage Door Sales & Service. With professional guidance, you can hopefully find the perfect new door for your home.