keeping children and pets safe around garage doors

2 Ways To Keep Your Garage More Secure

Your garage door makes it easy for you to get your car or lawn mower in and out of your garage. Sadly, it can also make it easier for people you don't particularly want in your house to get in as well. You want to make sure that your house is as safe as possible, and making sure that your garage door can't be accessed by people you don't want is just one way to do that. 

Keep Your Remote Out of the Car

Sure, you keep the automatic door opener in your car so that you just have to click a button and the door opens. However, that same remote that makes it easier for you to open the door can make it easy for other people to open your door. If someone breaks into your car, they can get the remote and your address from your registration. That will let them get into your house. If you must keep a remote with you, think about using a keychain remote. That way you still have the remote with you, but it doesn't get left in your car. You can get a keychain that separates so that if you have to give a mechanic your keys, you can still keep the remote with you. 

Don't Let People Go Fishing

Fishing is the name of a technique that people can use to get into your garage door. It's an easy technique and fairly easy to block as well. The bad guy takes a piece of sturdy wire with a hook on the end. They run it in through a gap in between the door and the ceiling. The goal is to grab the garage door emergency release. There is either a cable or lever there. If they can hook it, the bad guy can pull it towards him and get your garage door open. From there, all they need to do is open the interior door and get into your house. A piece of plywood can be used to construct a quick shield. You put a wood cleat on the back of a small piece of plywood and secure it with a couple of brad nails to the automatic opener arm. The brad nails are used because it will let the shield break away without damaging anything if necessary. With the shield in place, no one can go fishing in your garage. 

It doesn't take a lot of work to keep your garage door secure enough to keep the rest of your house secure.  For more information about garage doors, contact a professional like Spring King Garage Door Repair.