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How To Make The Chain Tighter On A Garage Door

If your garage door is getting hard to close and open or makes annoying sounds, the chain may need tightening. The chain on your garage door can loosen with time because of the constant motion of the rocket that operates the chain. Modern door chains are now easier to adjust, thanks to new designs. Here are some tips on how to tighten garage door chains.

Inspect the Door 

Open and close the door several times to make certain the chain is the problem before you tighten it. Signs of chain drive system malfunction include groans, squeaks, and chain slapping against the rail. Some issues will need to be handled by a professional garage door service. Or you may need to replace the chain if it is broken.

Take Measurements and Disengage The Garage Door Opener

If the problem is just the chain, get measurements of the garage door opener rail from the motor to the garage door. Divide this result in half for the middle point and mark it with chalk. After you tighten the chain, it should come 1/4 inch inch above the mark.

Close the door all the way, ensuring there is another exit. Climb a step ladder and disconnect the wires to the power supply that runs the garage door opener. If you can't locate the wires, shut off power at the electrical box.

Tighten the Chain

Climb the ladder to access the trolley, the metal piece on the garage door opener rail with a rope attached. The trolley connects to a metal flange and a threaded shaft which joins the chain to the trolley.You should see an inner nut on the trolley shaft close to the chain and a lock washer between the trolley flange and inner nut.

Push the inner nut and washer in the direction of the chain by turning the nut with an adjustable wrench to the right. Give the outer nut, the nut nearest the door threaded on the trolley shaft, a turn to to the right with the wrench to tighten the chain. Keep rotating the wrench until the chain reaches the mark above the rail.

Avoid making the chain too tight because it could damage the chain rollers. Turn the inner nut to the left with the wrench and continue turning until the washer and nut is secure on the flange. Reengage the door opener, trolley, and reconnect the wires.

Try opening and closing the garage door again to test your repairs. If your repairs failed, it is advised to contact a garage door repair service to determine the problem.