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Troubleshooting Frequent Issues With The Garage Door Safety Sensor

It may be a small mechanism, but the garage door safety sensor plays a crucial role in the function of the automatic garage door opener. Without the sensors in place, you could easily get caught beneath the door when it is trying to close or even see your vehicle damaged when trying to pull your car in or out of the garage. Even though the sensors will likely work flawlessly when they are initially installed, over time they can start to show signs that they are not functioning properly. Here are a few of the most common problems that can come up with the garage door safety sensors and the causes you should know as a homeowner. 

Problem: The sensor is stopping the garage door from closing, even though there is nothing  in the way.

Cause and Solution: The garage door safety sensors have a small laser beam that helps to communicate when there is something in the way and the door should not be closed. If this small beam of light is interrupted in the slightest, it will prevent the door from closing. An interruption could be caused by something as simple as a dirty sensor or even excessive dust or dirt. Therefore, you have to make sure that the sensors are cleaned regularly. 

Problem: The sensors will not function properly when the temperatures are hot. 

Cause and Solution: This is actually one of the more common reasons for homeowners to have their garage door safety sensors replaced, even though replacement is usually not necessary. In most cases, this issue can be solved simply by moving the sensors to a different height where they will not be in direct sunlight or exposed to excessive heat. 

Problem: The garage door continually opens and closes until the power is disconnected. 

Cause and Solution: Many homeowners assume that this kind of issue is caused by a problem with the garage door opener itself, but what is actually causing the problem will typically be the sensors. The sensors perform by sending a relayed signal to the garage door opener when something is obstructing the opening of the door. When the safety sensors start to fail, they will sometimes send mixed relay messages to the garage door opener, which will cause the door to open and close unexpectedly. 

When you know how to troubleshoot the most frequent issues that can come up with garage door safety sensors, you will be much less likely to see your garage door become a safety hazard of your home. If you are having issues with your garage door sensors that you cannot handle on your own, talk to a garage door service, like America's Garage Doors LLC,  for help.