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3 Things To Know Before You Install An Automatic Electric Gate

If you are interested in installing an electric gate on your property, you need to make sure that you know all about the installation process as well as how to maintain your gate down the road.

#1 Always Go Professional With The Installation

The first thing you need to know is that installing an automatic electric gate is not a simple process. To start with, your gate has to be hooked up to your electrical system, which will generally involve digging and installing new wires. Next, electric gates can be heavy and complex pieces of equipment. It generally takes more than one person to install the actual automatic gate.

Beyond that, the person installing the gate also has to know how to correctly install the motion detectors and the automatic release mechanisms. Whoever installs the gate also needs to be able to take into account the slope of the surrounding landscape in order to ensure that both these devices work correctly. In order to ensure that your new gate works correctly and safely, it is best to let a professional install your new gate. 

#2 The Gate You Need Depends On Your Space

Next, the type of gate that you need depends on the area where you want the gate installed. The terrain and the amount of space you have for an automatic gate play a large role in the type of gate you can safely install. 

If you don't have a lot of space for a gate to slide open or swing out, you may need a gate that lifts up from the ground and allows your vehicles to pass underneath it. If your driveway is on a slope, a slide gate is much safer than a gate that swings out. A swinging gate may open too fast due to the slope of your driveway. If your driveway is flat and has a lot of space to work with, a swinging gate may work perfectly. 

You need a professional who understands how gates work to come out and evaluate your space and let you know what type of gate option would work with your terrain and space and be safe and effective at the same time.

#3 Your Gate Will Need Maintenance In The Future

Finally, it is important to understand that your gate is going to need maintenance in the future because it has an advanced electrical system. If one of the motion sensors gets damaged, it will need to be repaired and replaced. If the automatic release mechanisms fail, they will need to be fixed. If your opener fails to work or your gate becomes stuck, you'll need assistance.

Automatic gates are great, but they are not maintenance free. When you purchase and have a new gate installed, try to purchase a gate from a company that offers a maintenance plan or try to hire a contractor that offers their own installation and maintenance plan for you. That way, when something happens down the road, you'll have someone to call for help.

Before you purchase and install an automatic gate, make sure you have a contractor come out to your property and let you know what types of gates will work safely with your terrain and space. Make sure you hire someone to help you with this job, and make sure that either the manufacture of the gate itself or the contractor who installs it offers a maintenance plan so you have someone to call in the future. Contact Bells Garage Door Services for more information.