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3 Things To Check On Your Garage Door For Winter

You might be thinking about shoveling your driveway and otherwise getting your property ready for winter, but you may not have thought about doing a winter inspection of your garage door. However, there are a few things that you should check on your garage door for the winter season. These are a few of them.

1. Weatherstripping

Your garage door probably already has weatherstripping on it, but weatherstripping is rather flimsy and can become worn out over time. Checking out your weatherstripping and replacing it is a small, affordable and relatively easy step to take, but it's an important one if you are looking to prepare your home for the winter. Worn-out weatherstripping can allow a lot of cold air to get into your garage, which can make the garage unbearably cold and can allow cold air into your home, causing your heating bills to go up for the season. Check for weatherstripping that looks loose, saggy, stretched-out or faded, and replace it if necessary.

2. Insulation

Garage doors should be well-insulated to help keep the cold air out. Different types of insulation are used on different garage doors, such as foam board or fiberglass insulation. Make sure that your insulation is still held firmly in place and that it is not worn out. Since insulation is cheap and is so effective, it's best to replace it at any sign of wear. Simply add it in-between the frames on your garage door to help keep the garage as well-insulated as possible this winter.

3. Moving Parts

The moving parts in your garage can become quite slow and sluggish when the winter months hit. Plus, you have to worry about them rusting and wearing out if they come in contact with snow or ice. Check all of the moving parts on your garage door, and have any corroded parts replaced by a professional garage door repair and installation company. Also, take the time to add a little bit of lubricant so that they won't be so sluggish when the temperatures plunge.

You might not have thought about giving your garage door any TLC since you have so many other winter-related maintenance tasks to worry about. However, taking the time to inspect your garage door and make a few improvements can make the winter months a whole lot better. Plus, if you need help, you can always hire a garage door professional to help you, like those at Shank Door.