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Garage Door Maintenance 101

Your garage door may require a bit more care than a standard home door, since there are several moving parts to keep track of. Here are some steps to perform when maintaining your garage door. 


The first thing to do during your maintenance is to check the door for damage. The tracks are one area that's prone to damage, since small dents can occur from frequent use and pressure on the garage door. If the dents are small, then you can try to flatten them using gentle force from a rubber hammer. Otherwise, make a visit to your local garage door repair center, since these dents can compromise the structural integrity of your door. 


It's also important to clean the tracks on a regular basis to manage the friction on your rollers. You can start by using a duster to sweep out and excess dust or debris. Next, take a mild cleaning solution and a rag to wash and dry the tracks. 


You can visit your garage door specialist to get a lubricant that's indicated for garage doors in particular. Use it to wipe down the tracks and rollers to make sure their action is working smoothly. You can also lubricate the pulleys, but make sure that you do so lightly; there shouldn't be any oil running down the pulleys afterwards. If you don't have access to a garage door lubricant or spray, graphite powder can work as a substitute. 

Realign and Refasten

The next step is to check the alignment of your tracks. These can become uneven over time if one side of the fasteners is weaker than the others. Loosen and refasten the tracks so that they are in line with one another. This is also a good time to check the tension on your fasteners to make sure that they don't need to be replaced. While you're at it, check the bolts on your system to make sure that everything is tightened well; this will help to keep the tension correct in your garage door system until your next repair. 

Replace Batteries

Your scheduled garage door maintenance is a good opportunity to replace the batteries in your remote control. Replacing them a little too early is better than being too late and getting locked out. 

Your garage door will require a bit of care to stay in good condition for the years to come. If you notice anything usual about your garage door during maintenance, be sure to consult a garage door repair center; small problems with the tracks or pulley system especially can amplify over time. By keeping up with a great care and repair routine on a regular basis, you can help to prevent the need for garage door replacement.