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How To Improve The Security Of Your Garage Door

Your garage door can be a vulnerable part of your home's security. It only takes a thief 6 seconds to break into a home through the garage door using a coat hanger, which is why you should be concerned with its security. Follow these 5 tips to prevent a break-in from occurring.

Replace Your Older Garage Door

When compared to older models, a new garage door will be thicker with improved insulation, which provides security and energy efficiency. If you feel like your old garage door may be a security risk, have a professional come evaluate it for you. They can look at its qualities and let you know if there are security vulnerabilities with the older model.

Improve The Lighting

Lights will not only improve your home's curb appeal but will also improve the security. Having bright lights around a home make it harder for thieves to conceal themselves, so adding more lighting around your home's garage door will make it harder for someone to try to break in. Adding more lights will also improve your own safety for when you come home late at night.

Cover The Windows

Having windows in a garage door make it look attractive, but also allows potential thieves to look inside your garage to see what you are storing in there. There are some things you can do if this is a concern to you.

You can always replace a garage door with one that has solid panels without windows. This limits the natural light you get inside the garage, but nobody will be able to see into it. If garage door replacement is not in your budget, you can use a window film to limit the visibility inside.

Use Rolling Code Remotes

A technique that some thieves use to get into a garage is to capture the code that is transmitted by the garage door remote opener. Newer technology has rolling codes, which prevents this break in method from happening by changing the code with each use. If the code is grabbed, it will be useless.

Lock The Interior Door

A common mistake that people make is having the last line of defense into their home be the garage door. It may be inconvenient to deadbolt the door going from your garage to your home, but it is much easier for someone to break in through the garage door with a coat hanger than to pick a lock. Dead bolting the door from your garage will give you some added security in case somebody does break in.

For more tips on improving the security of your garage door, contact a local contractor in your area. Companies like Garage Doors Of Naples Inc., may be able to help.