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Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door

Do you know that preventative maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your garage door? Surprisingly, most garage door problems happen due to the lack of maintenance. So, it's important to spare a little time and take care of your garage door every few months. You will enable the smooth operation of your garage door by following the tips highlighted below.

Keep the Tracks Clean

Every garage door relies on special tracks to open and close smoothly. That said, always check whether the tracks have dirt buildup or debris that might get in the way of the door rollers. Any obstruction can cause damage to the rollers and put the door out of alignment.

While inspecting your garage door tracks, make sure you start from the highest part and work your way down to the bottom. Clean any debris with a soft brush or a piece of cloth.

Tighten Any Loose Hardware

Most parts of a garage door come with nuts, screws, and bolts. Unfortunately, these pieces of hardware can come loose with time. Therefore, it's good to check all the parts that are secured with bolts and nuts. If you notice any loose nuts, screws, or bolts, don't hesitate to tighten them to secure your garage door's movement and prevent noises.

Replace Worn Out Rollers

Your garage door moves with the help of rollers. However, worn-out rollers can interfere with the movement of the door. Besides, faulty rollers could be the reason why your garage door makes loud noises as it opens or closes. Luckily, you can prevent further problems by replacing all faulty rollers. Just purchase new rollers from a garage door repair shop and call a professional to install them.

Lubricate All Moving Parts

Lubricating your garage door is an incredible way to improve its efficiency. You should lubricate all the moving parts a few times a year. This way, you extend the lifespan of your garage door and prevent unusual noises. Remember to clean all the moving parts before applying any lubricant. 

Have Your Door Inspected by a Professional

Even after executing these maintenance tips, you might still need to call a professional to inspect and service your garage door. Professionals will check for any weaknesses and address them before they advance into real problems. Besides, they will help you execute all the preventative maintenance techniques discussed above. So, if you have no time for garage door maintenance, call a certified technician to do it for you. They can provide more information regarding residential garage door services.