keeping children and pets safe around garage doors

Choose Custom Features For Your New Garage Door

A damaged garage door places your vehicle and other possessions at risk of theft. Inclement weather that garage-stored items are exposed to may also be of concern. Before swapping out your old door with a new one, consider the security, ease of access, and aesthetical value that you would like the new door to possess.

Security Features

A motor, a built-in key pad, and strategically placed windows are some characteristics that could protect your new garage door from intruders. Modern technology that includes the use of a smartphone or another handheld device will allow you to open and close a door or unlock one.

Many older homes that were constructed before the internet era lack complex security features. A garage door contractor or salesperson can show you some door styles that contain features that will provide adequate protection. You may appreciate that natural sunlight can filter through your existing door, but not be pleased with the amount of visibility that the window openings provide.

Choosing a door that features narrow windows that run across the top of the door will maintain the level of light that you are accustomed to, without making it possible for anyone to stand by a window at eye level and look inside of your garage.

Ease Of Access And Aesthetical Features

The construction of the door and the type of opener that a door possesses will be reflective upon how easy it will be to access the contents of your garage. Research various materials that doors are constructed of. Learn about their weight and thermal properties.

If you decide to purchase a manual garage door, choose a style that contains a large handle or knob that will make lifting and lowering the door simple to accomplish. If you choose a motor driven door style, decide upon the automatic opener style that will be the most convenient for you to use.

The aesthetical features found on a door can improve the overall look of your properties. Faux or real stone veneers, painted trim pieces, built-in lighting, and distressed wood are some features that may be found on some garage doors.

If you will be hiring a contractor to install your new door, order a custom style that matches the exterior of your home. Otherwise, purchase an unfinished door and request to have custom features added to the door. Primer, paint, stain, and varnish are some materials that can be used to improve the aesthetical value of a door.