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3 Reasons Why Your Overhead Door Keypad Is Not Working

The overhead garage door opener is an entry system with numerous benefits, especially when you have kids or other family members who come and go out of the house. Besides, a keyless entry gives you peace of mind since you will not have numerous keys that could be lost. That said, the last thing you want is a keypad that is not working as required. Many things can make the keypad malfunction. A door repair expert will help you get the keypad functioning again as soon as possible. Here are some explanations as to why you cannot open your overhead door using your keypad.

There Are Faulty Wires In The Remote

Your keypad might fail to work when there are worn wires in the remote. So, if you are experiencing issues with one or more particular keys, it's more likely that some wires are damaged due to normal wear. So, check the keypad for any wire damage by removing the back protection and inspecting the keys to ensure they are all connected well. If the wires are detached from the keys, connect them back and return the cover. If the keypad fails to work after this, have a certified garage overhead door repairer examine the wiring.

Wrong Or Malfunctioned PIN

Depending on the model of your touchpad, you might experience a problem opening your overhead door when the encryption has expired or you have entered the wrong PIN. Some models will want you to retune them whenever you change the batteries. Besides, attempting the same wrong PIN severally will only lead to a lockout situation, and you will eventually have to reprogram the system. 

On the other hand, if you can operate the door from the inside and are unable to open it from the outside, the password might be expired. Try looking for the unlocking code in its manual or get in touch with a company that offers garage door repair services. They will help you reset the system and unlock the keypad.

Keys Are Stuck Due To Accumulated Dirt

Sometimes, all you need to do when you can't get your garage to open is to give your keypad a good scrubbing. There might be dirt or other debris that can cause the keys to gum up. So, start by wiping the external surface with some cloth, and be careful when working around the keys. Next, open the keypad and dust the inner parts using a soft bristle brush. Putting back the keypad can be hard, especially if you cannot remember the correct position. Therefore, engage a repair expert for help. 

Several things can cause your garage operating keypad to malfunction. You will need to swap the batteries, reset the system or clean it. However, if it fails to work, involve a garage door repair technician. They will examine the touchpad, identify the problem and solve it.

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