3 Reasons Why Your Overhead Door Keypad Is Not Working

The overhead garage door opener is an entry system with numerous benefits, especially when you have kids or other family members who come and go out of the house. Besides, a keyless entry gives you peace of mind since you will not have numerous keys that could be lost. That said, the last thing you want is a keypad that is not working as required. Many things can make the keypad malfunction. [Read More]

Choose Custom Features For Your New Garage Door

A damaged garage door places your vehicle and other possessions at risk of theft. Inclement weather that garage-stored items are exposed to may also be of concern. Before swapping out your old door with a new one, consider the security, ease of access, and aesthetical value that you would like the new door to possess. Security Features A motor, a built-in key pad, and strategically placed windows are some characteristics that could protect your new garage door from intruders. [Read More]

Reasons To Hire Professionals When Repairing A Garage Door Track

Every garage door on residential properties will move along a track. If it ever gets damaged, repairing it is going to be a lot easier if you hire a professional garage door repair contractor. They can simplify this repair process in several ways. Straighten TrackBack Enough  If your garage door track is damaged because it is bent, then you need to move the trackback to the correct position. You won't struggle to bend it back where it needs to be if you let an experienced garage door repair contractor solve this pretty common issue. [Read More]

Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door

Do you know that preventative maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your garage door? Surprisingly, most garage door problems happen due to the lack of maintenance. So, it's important to spare a little time and take care of your garage door every few months. You will enable the smooth operation of your garage door by following the tips highlighted below. Keep the Tracks Clean Every garage door relies on special tracks to open and close smoothly. [Read More]