2 Ways To Keep Your Garage More Secure

Your garage door makes it easy for you to get your car or lawn mower in and out of your garage. Sadly, it can also make it easier for people you don't particularly want in your house to get in as well. You want to make sure that your house is as safe as possible, and making sure that your garage door can't be accessed by people you don't want is just one way to do that.

Troubleshooting Frequent Issues With The Garage Door Safety Sensor

It may be a small mechanism, but the garage door safety sensor plays a crucial role in the function of the automatic garage door opener. Without the sensors in place, you could easily get caught beneath the door when it is trying to close or even see your vehicle damaged when trying to pull your car in or out of the garage. Even though the sensors will likely work flawlessly when they are initially installed, over time they can start to show signs that they are not functioning properly.

How To Make The Chain Tighter On A Garage Door

If your garage door is getting hard to close and open or makes annoying sounds, the chain may need tightening. The chain on your garage door can loosen with time because of the constant motion of the rocket that operates the chain. Modern door chains are now easier to adjust, thanks to new designs. Here are some tips on how to tighten garage door chains. Inspect the Door  Open and close the door several times to make certain the chain is the problem before you tighten it.

Common Questions About Storm Proofing Your Garage Door

Strong storms have the potential to cause extensive damage to your home, and while you may take steps to minimize this risk, some people make the error of overlooking their garage doors. A garage door is particularly vulnerable to certain types of damages, and it is important for you to take steps to protect your home from these threats. After learning the following information, you will be in a better position to protect your house from this type of storm damage.

Upgrading Your Garage Door: Would An Alternative Design Meet Your Needs Better Than Traditional Models?

Traditional garage doors may be the standard, but other types of doors may better suit your needs as a homeowner. Whether you want to save space or go for a more stylish look, upgrading your old door to a different model may be just what your garage needs. Here are a few options to consider if your old door is getting boring or inconvenient. Sectionals Help Save Space Made of several metal or fiberglass panels connected with hinges, sectional garage doors are made to roll up smoothly into the ceiling whenever they are opened.

4 Reasons To Use Professionals For Garage Door Repairs

If your garage door has started making strange noises or has suddenly stopped working for some reason, it's important that you don't try to take the repairs into your own hands. By attempting to do the repairs on your own, you could end up paying a lot more money than you had anticipated due to having problems along the way. If you're unsure of hiring professionals for the repair work, consider the following five reasons why it's the best option for your garage door.

Two Quick Repairs For A Garage Door

When your garage door stops working like it should, it is only too easy to assume that there is nothing you can do to get your garage door working like it should. However, a little troubleshooting before you call in reinforcements can help you to save money, time, and the inconvenience of having to work around a door that is not working like it should.  Rails If your door stops opening or closing partway, the most likely culprit is damage to or a blockage in your rails.

Restore An Aluminum Garage Door's Surface That Has Peeling Paint And Rust Spots

If your aluminum garage door has peeling paint and rust spots on its surface, learn how to make the necessary repairs to restore the door to its original condition. After you finish the project, you can easily keep the door maintained to prevent damage from occurring in the future.  Use The Following Materials water hose bucket of soapy water nylon scouring pad wire brush naval jelly rust inhibiting spray exterior spray primer exterior spray paint painter's tape vinyl tarp ​Clean The Door And Remove Chipped Paint And Rust Spots

Three Signs That You Should Get The Belt On Your Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Checked Out

While a belt drive garage door opener is generally more expensive than its chain drive counterpart, the main plus side of getting one is reduced noise when it's operating. If you want to maintain this noise advantage as long as possible, it's necessary to head off any problems that develop with the central belt that gets pulled by the motor as soon as possible. If you notice any of these three signs, don't procrastinate getting the belt on your belt drive garage door opener checked out.